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Header Footer Code Manager

About Header Footer Code Manager Header Footer Code Manager is an easy interface to add any snippets to your website,

WP Content Resharer (Free)

About WP Content Resharer (Free Version) WP Content Resharer is a powerful marketing automation plugin that automatically shares your content on a

Comment Moderator

Problem WordPress only allows Administrators and Editors to moderate comments. Solution Comment Moderator adds a new user role named Comment Moderator which

Show Stock Quotes

Display up to 20 stock quotes per portfolio. Each widget instance is considered a portfolio, so just add more widget

Show IDs

About Show IDs Show IDs plugin is super light-weight and does not need any configuration or separate options page. Simply activate

Limit Posts

About Limit Posts Limit the number of posts that your authors can publish. This plugin allows you to limit the

Post Status Notifications

About Post Status Notifications The Post Status Notifications plugin by 99 Robots provides an easy way to ensure Administrators are

Simple Ad Spot

About Simple Ad Spot This plugin allows you to either insert an image advertisement that links to the url of

Follow Us Badges

The Social Media Follow Us Box by is a fully customizable plugin that can be configured to display each of the

Quotable Tweets

About Quotable Tweets The Quotable Tweets plugin gives you an easy way to add a beautiful actionable tweet link to