Interstitial Overlays

Add full-screen advertisements, age verifiers, and more to any page before it appears.

Why We Love Interstitial Overlays

We built Interstitial Overlays so you could make more money with your website.


Show advertisements from 3rd parties or host your own images.

Email Signups

Grow your list by showing a newsletter signup form.

Age Verification

Confirm your visitors age before allowing them to proceed through the site.

Accept to Continue

Ensure your visitors understand the terms you’ve set for viewing your site.


Take a look under the hood of WP Background Takeover

Grow Your Email List

Increase click thrus to ads (CTR%) with the proven effectiveness of background ads.

Protect Against Liabilities

Enforce a strict age limit on your site to protect anyone underage from viewing adult content. Deny access to visitors who do not access the Terms & Conditions for viewing and participating on your website.

Interstitial Overlays Supports These Great Features

3rd Party or Custom Ads
Whether you want to display Google Ads or your own custom ads, Interstitials supports both.
Choose Timer or Close
Set the timer from 1-15 second or let the visitor instantly close the interstitial. Even set the Skip text.
Track Ad Stats
Track ad impressions, conversions, and your overall conversion rate. Determine which ads are performing the best.
Fully Customizable
Choose the color of backgrounds, fonts, borders, and even set the background to a pattern or image.
Display Sitewide or on Certain Pages

Choose whether you want to gate your entire site, show an ad on a single page, or anything in between.

Custom Post Type & Taxonomy

Show interstitials on custom post types or custom post type taxonomies.

Set Start and End Dates

Choose a timeline for when you want your ad to show and automatically deactivate it when time is up.

Show on Desktop and/or Mobile

Decide whether you want your interstitial to show on desktop, mobile, or both.


1 Site

  • Install on 1 Site
  • 1 Year Product Updates
  • 1 Year Support

Unlimited Sites

  • Install on Unlimited Sites
  • 1 Year Product Updates
  • 1 Year Support


  • Download Any Product Anytime
  • Install on Unlimited Sites
  • Automatic Product Updates per month
  • 24/7 Support per month

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If the product does not work as advertised and we cannot fix it within 30 days of notification, we will refund your purchase. No questions. No risk. Period.