Header Footer Code Manager Pro

Easily add tracking snippets, conversion pixels, or other scripts required by third party services

HFCM Pro is the Premiere Snippet Plugin for WordPress

We built WP Background Takeover so you could make more money with your website.

Conditional Rules

Display your snippets on pages, posts (including Custom Post Types), categories / tags, WP Admin screens, or shortcodes.

Body Section

Insert code at the top of your body tags (PRO Only)

Head & Footer Sections

Insert snippets into the head or footer areas of your website

Snippet Search & Tagging

Find snippets easily by searching for snippet names or tag your snippets so you can filter for them.

PHP Supported

Insert PHP snippets with a built-in failsafes to automatically disable any snippet that cause a fatal error with your site.

Target Logged In Users

Enable Snippets only for logged in users or for visitors to your site that are not logged in.

Clone Snippets

Have a complicated snippet you want to duplicate? Just clone your snippet and edit away! (PRO Only)

Import/Export Snippets

Export or import your snippets from your staging environment to production.


Get a behind the scenes look at HFCM Pro

Some Key Features

Manage Your Snippets
You can have as many code snippets as you like. Import/Export and Clone them as you wish.
Easy Configuration

Quickly switch your snippets On and Off with the click of a button! Create Conditional rules for when your snippets display.

Anywhere on your site

Place your snippets in the head, body, footer or on specific posts/pages or everywhere – you decide!

Manage All Your Snippets In One Place

HFCM Pro is built so that you can easily manage all scripts, tags, and pixels for your site in one place

Support 3rd Party Services

Add the required code from any of your third party services

Target Specific Visitors and Pages

The ability to display a script to a specific user is critical.

Post/Page Options

Supports Custom Post Types, as well as pages (private and public), posts, categories, tags, latest posts.

Mobile or Desktop

HFCM features the ability to display a script only on mobile or only on desktop.

Logged In / Not Logged In

HFCM Pro can display a CTA only to users that are logged in or all visitors that are not logged in.

I use a few of these types of plugins on different sites. This one is different in how it is used, at first I preferred the type where each page can have its own insert. After using this one for a few months I really prefer this approach. Choosing pages to omit is so easy to do and all pages and posts affected can easily be changed in a few moments. I am changing all of my sites to this one. Who wants a hard life? This one is so easy.

Steven O. McKenzie

Advanced Features of Header Footer Code Manager Pro We Love

Unlimited Number of Scripts
Add as many scripts as you like and manage each individually.
Custom Post Types
Supports any Custom Post type registered on your website
Body Section Snippets
Insert snippts inside the Body tags of your website, including Google Analytics and others!
Display Anywhere

Choose which pages (public and private), posts, category, tags, WP Admin, or latest posts to show your snippet on as well as which pages/posts to exclude.

Import or Export your snippets to other sites or between production and staging/development
Shortcodes Supported

Have a unique situation where your snippet needs to be placed? Use a Shortcode to add it wherever you need!

Mobile and/or Desktop
Choose to show your snippet on mobile, desktop, or both.

Snippet Priority

Control the order in which snippets appear when you have multiple snippets.  Helpful when a specific snippet must load first!

Take advantage of all the features available to you with Header Footer Code Manager Pro





HTML, CSS & JS Code Snippets
Custom Post Type Support

Device Targeting (mobile / desktop)

Edit History(who added/edited last & when)
Import Export All Snippets
Duplicate / Clone Snippets
PHP Code Snippets

Snippet Location – After opening body tag hook

Snippet – Display option – Logged In/Not Logged In User
Ability to Specify Private Posts & Pages

PHP Code Validation (prevent site crashes)

Snippet Priority
Ability to group/Organise snippet

  (coming soon)

Code Snippet Library

  (coming soon)

Save Code Snippets to the Cloud

  (coming soon)


1 Site - Yearly Subscription

  • Install on 1 Site per year
  • Automatic Product Updates per year
  • 24/7 Support per year

5 Sites - Yearly Subscription

  • Install on 5 Sites per year
  • Automatic Product Updates per year
  • 24/7 Support per year

Unlimited Sites - Yearly Subscription

  • Install on Unlimited Sites per year
  • Automatic Product Updates per year
  • 24/7 Support per year

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If the product does not work as advertised and we cannot fix it within 30 days of notification, we will refund your purchase. No questions. No risk. Period.