Optin Fire

Optin Fire allows you to add popups, banners, flyouts, in-post content, and widget CTAs to your website.


Get a behind the scenes look at Optin Fire

Custom Triggers

Optin Fire lets you decide when a CTA is shown to your visitors.

Timed Delay

Display only after a certain period of time.

Exit Intent

Display as visitors are about to leave your website.

Scroll %

Display to visitors who have scrolled down your page.

Custom Button

Display only if the visitor clicks a button.

Why We Love Optin Fire

We built WP Background Takeover so you could make more money with your website.


Ensure your visitors see your offers with flexible popups.


Constantly stay in reach with powerful flyouts.


Direct visitors to specific pages such as special promotions or social profiles.

In-Content CTAs

Display offers to visitors while they read with in-content CTAs.


Add useful CTAs in your sidebar with widgets.


Display CTAs on scroll, exit, timer, and click.

CTA Types

Showcase offers in a variety of multipurpose CTAs.

Short Codes

Include a CTA wherever you want with flexible shortcodes.

Newsletter Integrations

Target Specific Visitors with Relevant CTAs

The ability to show a CTA to a specific user is critical to improving conversion rates.

Referrer Domain

Optin Fire allows you to show CTAs only if a user has come from a certain website.

User Type

Optin Fire can display a CTA only to a specific WordPress user role or if the user is logged in or not.

Mobile or Desktop

Optin Fire features the ability to show a CTA on mobile and/or desktop.

A CTA for Every Occasion

Optin Fire comes with 8 CTA types so you can do everything from building your list to promoting your sales.


Grow your email list with the Newsletter CTA.

Contact Us

Get in touch with the simple Contact Us CTA.

Button Link

Send your visitors to a specific page with a Button Link.

Clickable Image

Track clicks on custom images with a Clickable Image.

Social Icons

Increase your social following with the Social Icons CTA.

Yes / No

Give your users a decision with the Yes / No CTA.


Show visitors your brand videos with the Video CTA.

Custom HTML

Add shortcodes and embed codes with the Custom HTML CTA.


1 Site

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  • 1 Year Product Updates
  • 1 Year Support


  • Install on Unlimited Sites
  • Install on Unlimited Sites
  • 1 Year Product Updates


  • Download Any Product Anytime
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  • Automatic Product Updates per month
  • 24/7 Support per month

Take advantage of all the advanced features available to you in Optin Fire

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If the product does not work as advertised and we cannot fix it within 30 days of notification, we will refund your purchase. No questions. No risk. Period.