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About Post Status Notifications

The Post Status Notifications plugin by 99 Robots provides an easy way to ensure Administrators are notified of their Contributors posts submitted for review. Additionally, when an administrator publishes the post, the original author will also be notified via email so that they can see their post live on the site. These email notifications ensure posts are not sitting idle waiting for reviewers who otherwise would have to check WordPress admin manually for posts in the pending review status.


Get a better editorial workflow by ensuring communication occurs related to articles submitted for review and subsequently published by administrators.

  • Email notification to Admin or Editor when a post is submitted for review
  • Email notification to Contributor, All Users, Admins or Editors when a post is published on the site
  • Custom Email Headers
  • Custom Email Subject and Message
  • Support for custom post types
  • Email based on user role
  • Share Links

This is great plugin for every site that accepts user submitted content, has multiple authors, or site owners running content-heavy websites. Enhance your editorial workflow with proper communication to the relevant parties.





Choose when you will get notified and what type of content will be in the email.  You can even include share links so your contributors and other users can instantly share you content once you publish it.

Pending Post Email Example


Published Post Email Example


Emails Not Sending

After version 4.4.1 WordPress has been experiencing some troubles with the mailing functionality.  If you are experiencing problems with emails not being sent then this could be why.  The best way to fix this is to use another plugin call Easy WP SMTP to setup your emailing system properly.

Once your email system is setup properly within your WordPress site you should begin to receive emails again.