Custom Functions Starter Kit

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About This Plugin

The Custom Functions Starter kit offers over a dozen easy to use fixes and functions for your WordPress site. Built for ease of use, the plugin features individual functions activated by simple checkboxes.


The plugin’s settings can be activated in the Tools > Custom Functions page.

Hide WordPress Version & Meta Data
Prevent hackers from discovering your WP version number.

Hide WordPress Login Errors
Prevent users from seeing the default WP login errors, which may lead to hackers guessing registered usernames.

Check for “Admin” Security Vulnerability
Check WP for the username “admin” (an easy target for hackers) and notifies the site owner.

Disable WordPress Automatic Updates
Disable WP from automatically updating the core files.

Disable Theme and Plugin Editors
Remove the theme and plugin editor from all users, limiting hackers (or users) from damaging your site if they gain access.

Show WordPress Update Notification to Admins Only
Remove the “WordPress Update” notification from non-admin users.

Display the Featured Image on the “All Posts” Admin Screen
Add a column in the “All Posts” admin screen that will display the featured image of the post.

Disable Post Revisions
Save room in your database by disabling post revisions (except one autosave.)

Include Featured Image in RSS Feed
Add the featured image to the RSS feed.

Disable Self-Pinging
Prevent WordPress from sending and showing a ping to your site from your site.

Allow Contributors to Upload Photos
Give the user role “contributor” permission to upload images.

Restrict Authors to View Only Their Own Posts
Prevent authors from viewing any content besides their own.

Hide Admin Bar from Non-Admins
Hide the WP admin bar from all users except administrators.