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How We Use Author Stats Pro

Author Stats Pro is incredibly useful for tracking author data in order to measure the effectiveness of every author's ability to generate views, comments, and social shares.

Analyze Author Data

Paying authors for their posts? Determine which authors generate the most posts, words, or views in total or by date range and understand which authors are truly affecting your site views. Drill down to view an individual author's stats and which posts performed the best.

Track Community Engagement

Author Stats Pro can check social shares and comments for every article and show you which authors are generating the most buzz in your community. A free or paid account to SharedCount's service is required to track shares.

Advanced View Filters

Authors, Editors, and Admins often read published posts to check for mistakes or other reasons. Author Stats Pro checks if the current user is an Admin, Editor, or the Author before recording a view - keeping your data more accurate by removing these false positives.

Track the ROI of Your Authors

Advanced Features for Measuring Author Stats

Widget & Shortcode

Show your Author stats in any sidebar with a customizable widget or anywhere in your content with the leaderboard shortcode.

Custom Post Type Support

Author Stats Pro will track data for every post type. Filter them out in the data table for detailed reports on post type performance.

Data Filtering & Sorting

Filter your Author data by date range, post type, and user role. Sort your data table to rank Authors by number of posts, average word count, views, comments, and more.

Export Filtered Data

Author Stats Pro can filter recorded data by date range, post type, and user roles. Any filtered view can be easily exported to an XLS file.

Supported Social Networks

Author Stats Pro tracks social shares by author for each of these social media platforms. A free or paid account to SharedCount's service is necessary.








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