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About Interstitial Overlays

Interstitial Overlays is a beautiful way to add Interstitial pages to your WordPress site.



The dashboard page is where you will be able to see all of your interstitial overlays that you have created.  You can active and deactivate certain overlays from this page as well as these other actions.

  • Preview
  • Duplicate
  • Delete

Content Types

Interstitial Overlays comes with 8 main content types.

  • Self Hosted Ad
  • Third Party Ad
  • Announcement
  • Button Link
  • Age Verifier
  • Acceptance Page
  • Newsletter Optin
  • None

You can change the content type of an interstitial overlay at any time and different content types will function differently on your site.  For example, the Self Hosted Ad content type is useful if you want to display an image from your media library or a URL on your site, while the Third Party Ad is useful for displaying ad scripts.  If you feel as though you don’t want to have any special functionality then you can choose the None content type to just display a message or whatever else you have in your content.



Interstitial Overlays comes with a lot of settings to create very specific and targeting overlays.  There are four main parts of the settings page.

  • Date Range
  • Display Conditions
  • Content
  • Style

The date range will allow your to only show an interstitial overlay during certain days.  You can just create the overlays and set it to only display for the next week and after that it will automatically not show without you having to deactivate it.

The display conditions settings are very powerful and they allow you to show an interstitial overlay anywhere on your WordPress site.  Interstitial Overlays hooks into custom post type and taxonomies so that you can have the most control over where the overlay is shown.  Also, if there are certain post or pages that you want to never show an interstitial overlay then you can simply exclude just those specific posts without affecting your other settings.  There are also more conditions you can set like whether or not the viewer is a user on your site or what domain they came from and even showing on a mobile or desktop only.

The content is everything within the interstitial overlay.  We leverage WordPress’s default post editor so you can add any type of data you want, even videos.  Basically what content you can add into an WordPress post you can add into an interstitial overlay.

Finally you will be able to specify different colors for your interstitial overlays so that you can brand them however you want.  Add a background color or image and even a pattern.



Interstitial Overlays are very useful for a site owner and they become even more powerful when you use the built in stats tracker.  All impressions and conversions of your overlays are tracked so that you can see what overlays are performing the best as well as pricing out self hosted ads at the correct price based on number of impressions.  Interstitial Overlays stats are more accurate than most stats trackers since it does not count views from admins on your site, so you can be sure that your impression and conversion counts are accurate.

Email List


If you use the Newsletter option content type and specify that you want to store all the emails in your WordPress site then you can  view them from this page.  You can see what email form each submission as well as what overlay it came from.

Change Log

The changelog is a history of updates and changes to the plugin. It will document the features and fixes we've made to the plugin in the newest release so you can prepare when you update. Please backup your site before updating any plugin, theme, or WordPress.

= 1.2.0 = 2020-05-16
* UPDATED: Callback URL for licensing
* UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.4.1

= 1.1.4 = 2019-11-23
* FIXED: Timezone incompatibility
* UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.3

= 1.1.3 = 2019-02-04
* ADDED: Plugin settings link
* UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.0.3

= 1.1.2 = 2016-08-30
* FIXED: Cleaned up PHP warnings

= 1.1.1 = 2016-06-20
* FIXED: Button background and text color not changed when updated in Acceptance Overlay.
* FIXED: Changed default button text to \'Continue\' from \'Continue ...\'
* FIXED: Changed input fields type to number in Age Verifier Overlay.

= 1.1.0 = 2016-06-16
* IMPROVED: Many visual improvements
* FIXED: Background color not working when using solid color
* FIXED: Unnecessary scrollbar on some overlays
* FIXED: Incorrect CSS code when clearing a color on settings
* IMPROVED: Modernized all buttons
* FIXED: Bug causing overlays not to work with some themes
* FIXED: Some elements would disappear on Newsletter Optin\'s preview
* IMPROVED: Some previews looked different than in the actual site
* FIXED: Acceptance overlay type was ignoring the checkbox
* IMPROVED: Bigger text area for adding a third party ad code
* FIXED: Wrong spelling for plurals on the \"Excludes\" section
* IMPROVED: Compatibility with older themes
* IMPROVED: Centered all overlays vertically
* IMPROVED: Added waiting text for timed overlays

= 1.0.2 = 2015-12-2
* FIXED: Sometimes the dropdown for exclude posts did not populate correctly with posts with sites that had a large number of posts

= 1.0.1 = 2015-11-30
* FIXED: Sometimes when using the continue button instead of the close button, scrolling became disabled

= 1.0.0 = 2015-10-19
* Initial release :)
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Product last updated on May 16, 2020