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Make sure to have a look at our Getting Started guide if you have not already.

About Header Footer Code Manager Pro

Header Footer Code Manager Pro is an advanced version of the Header Footer Code Manager snippet manager. It provides an easy interface to add any snippets to your website, including the header or footer or above or below the content of your page. Easily add tracking code snippets, conversion pixels, or other scripts required by third party services for analytics, marketing, or chat features.

Screenshot of All Snippets Screen


Here are some of the problems this plugin solves:

  • Avoid inadvertently placing snippets in the wrong place
  • Eliminate the need for a dozen or more silly plugins just to add a few small code snippets – Less plugins is always better!
  • Never lose your code snippets when switching or changing themes
  • Know exactly which snippets are loading on your site, where they display, and who added them
  • Add different snippets targeting different post types using the Specific Post Types feature


  • Add an unlimited number of scripts and styles anywhere and on any post / page
  • Manage which posts or pages the script loads
  • Supports custom post types
  • Add Snippets to All Post Types including Posts, Pages, Attachments & Custom Post Types using the Specific Post Type option under Site Display.
  • Supports the ability to load only on a specific post or page, or latest posts
  • Control where exactly on the page the script is loaded – head, footer, before content, or after content
  • Script can load only on desktops or mobile. Enable or disable one or the other.
  • Use shortcodes to manually place the code anywhere
  • Label every snippet for easy reference
  • Plugin logs which user added and last edited the snippet, and when
  • Import/Export Your Snippets from One Site to Another or between a Staging/Dev environment and your Live Production environment

PRO-Specific Version Features

The following features are available to the PRO version of the HFCM Plugin only:

  • Body Snippet Location – You can output your snippets at the beginning of the Body tags of pages and posts on your website
  • Logged In / Not Logged In User Targeting – You can target only Logged In Users, Not Logged In Users, or All
  • PHP Code Supported – PHP Code Snippets are supported, you will need to select the “PHP” option when adding/editing a snippet’s Snippet Type.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure the code you’re adding is absolutely correct. Adding bad or improperly written code may result in site crashes causing you to be locked out of your site. Do this at your own risk.
  • Cloning / Copying Snippets – You can clone or create copies of your existing snippets if you need to use an existing snippet but use different display rules.


  1. Upload `99robots-header-footer-code-manager-pro` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the plugins page to see instructions for shortcode and PHP template tags

How to Add a Code Snippet

  1. After installing and activating the plugin, navigate to HFCM on the left navbar in the WordPress Dashboard area.
  2. Click on HFCM > Add New
  3. Enter a suitable name for your snippet, which would help you distinguish it from other snippets. For Example: Google Analytics Snippet (if you are entering a google analytics code snippet)
  4. Select the appropriate Snippet Type (HTML/CSS/Javascript, or PHP [PHP in PRO VERSION ONLY]).  If your snippet has opening and closing “<script>” and “</script>” tags, most likely your snippet is Javascript.  If your snippet has opening and closing “<?PHP” and “?>” tags, then most likely your snippet is PHP. Adding the PHP opening and closing (“<?PHP” and “?>”) tags are optional. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you select PHP (Pro Version Only) – Please make sure the code you’re adding is absolutely correct. Adding bad or improperly written code may result in site crashes causing you to be locked out of your site. Do this at your own risk.
  5. Choose the display options as per your requirements, and then add the code snippet in the Snippet / Code textarea.
  6. Click on the Save button to save your snippet to the database. You can navigate to HFCM > All Snippets to view/edit/delete your saved snippet

Screenshot of Add Snippet Screen on PRO Version


Site Display Options

The following page display options are available in the plugin.

  1. Site wide on every post / page
  2. Specific post (includes blog posts and most custom post types)
  3. Specific page
  4. Specific category
  5. Specific tag
  6. Specific post type (including Custom Post Types) – Snippet will display on both Index and Single Post pages for your Post Type
  7. Latest Blog Posts only (you choose how many up to the latest 20 posts)
  8. Manually place using shortcodes (you can include the script anywhere you can put a shortcode on your site)

Injection Location

Header Footer Code Manager plugin lets you insert code snippets into the following locations on a post or page:

  1. Head section
  2. Footer section
  3. After Body Open Tag (At the top of the Body tag) – (PRO VERSION ONLY)
  4. Top of content (For Posts Only)
  5. Bottom of content (For Posts Only)

Device Display Options

  • Show on All Devices
  • Only Desktop
  • Only Mobile Devices

Display To Options (PRO Only)

You can select whether you want to display to:

  • Users that are logged into your site
  • Users that are not logged into your site
  • All (Both Logged In Users AND Not Logged In Users)

Cloning / Duplicating Your Snippets (PRO Only)

When viewing the All Snippets list, when you hover over a snippet, additional options will display, such as Editing or Deleting the snippet.  If you have the PRO Verison of HFCM, you will also see a “Duplicate” option as well.  Clicking on this option will bring you to an add snippet screen with all of the same exact snippet values and criteria already populated with the name ” COPY” at the end of your snippet.  You may adjust any of the settings (or none at all), as well as the snippet name and click on the blue “Update” button at the bottom of your screen.  This will save your copied snippet.

Importing/Exporting Your Snippets

HFCM Supports Exporting and Importing your snippets from one site to another with the HFCM Plugin installed.  You can also use the import/export functionality to export your snippets from the Free version of your plugin into the Pro Version of the plugin.  You can access both the import/export options from the “Tools” option within the HFCM Menu area:

Here is what the Export and Import screens look like:

Screenshot of Export and Import Screens

How to Export Your Snippets

Please follow the provided steps to export your scripts from your site.  Make sure you are logged into the WP Admin of the site you want to export from:

1. You can export your scripts by navigating to HFCM->Tools

2. Navigate to the Export Snippets pane of the screen:

3. Select the Checkboxes related to the Snippets you want to export

4. Press the “Export File” button.

5. Your system should then download a JSON file with the .json file extension into your downloads directory location for your browser entitled “hfcm-export-YYYY-MM-DD.json” with the “YYYY-MM-DD” representing today’s date that you exported the scripts.  Locate that file and you should be able to use that file to import the selected scripts into the site of your choice. (Note: PRO Only Snippets may not import into HFCM Free as those features are not supported by HFCM Free.)

How to Import Snippets

In order to import your snippets into a site, the following pre-requisites exist:

  1. You must already have exported your scripts from another website and have the downloaded JSON file readily accessible.
  2. Make sure you are logged into the WP Admin of the site you want to import the scripts into
  3. Ensure that the site you want to import scripts into has HFCM installed and activated.  (Note: To import any Pro Only Snippets, you’ll need to have the HFCM Pro Plugin installed).

Once these pre-requisites are met, please follow these steps to import your snippets that you have previously exported from a site:

1. You can import your snippets by navigating to HFCM->Tools

2. Navigate to the Import Pane of the Screen

3. Press the “Choose File” button and navigate to and select the JSON file that was created when you exported the snippets.

4. Once you’ve selected the file, the filename should display next to the “Choose File” button.  Confirm you have the correct file selected and then press the blue “Import” button.  The system will process your JSON file and import your snippets!

5.  Once completed importing, you should be able to navigate to the “All Snippets” page and view your imported snippets.

Supported Third-Party Services

Here are a handful of the supported services, however the plugin can accept almost ANY code snippet (HTML / Javascript / CSS) from any service.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Clicky Web Analytics or other analytics tracking scripts
  • Chat modules such as Olark, Drip, or
  • Pinterest site verification
  • Facebook Pixels, Facebook Scripts, Facebook og:image Tag
  • Google Conversion Pixels
  • Twitter
  • Heatmaps from Crazy Egg, notification bars Hello Bar, etc.
  • and the list goes on and on…


The changelog is a history of updates and changes to the plugin. It will document the features and fixes we’ve made to the plugin in the newest release so you can prepare when you update. Please backup your site before updating any plugin, theme, or WordPress.

Please see the changelog for Header Footer Code Manager available on WordPress.org

Doc last modified on September 16, 2021