Why You Should Be Using a WordPress Security Plugin

Security is one of the most important things for any website, particularly for sites that have customer information or eCommerce data.  Site owners should do what they can to make sure that all the information stored on a website is safe and secure.

There are many WordPress plugins that can help to secure and protect WordPress sites from hackers and other malicious actors.

Some WordPress security plugins use excellent methods to keep your site and your users safe. You can manually apply security procedures but a plugin can save you some time by providing an all-in-one security solution.

It is crucial to remember that some WordPress security plugins can also seriously damage your website by slowing it down and, in some circumstances, creating additional performance issues. The biggest concern with this type of solution is that a plugin can become bloated by adding unnecessary functionality.

With that in mind, we’ll spend the rest of this essay answering the question, “Why Would I need a WordPress security plugin?”

Why Security is Important

A data leak on your WordPress website might have disastrous consequences. Your website might be down for an extended length of time, or perhaps forever; your login credentials and client payment information could be stolen, or malware could be sent to clients or customers. A hacked WordPress site may seriously harm your company’s income and reputation.

Worse, you may be forced to pay ransomware to hackers in order to recover access to your website. If you are running a business with your website, you should pay special attention to WordPress security. It is the obligation of a store owner to secure their physical retail facility, just as it is your responsibility as an online website owner to protect your website.

Keep Your Website Up to Date

An out-of-date site can sometimes result in poor performance. There are many vulnerabilities and bugs lurking on the internet and the latest updates provide the most recent bug and security patches. You should keep your WordPress version, Theme, and All Plugins up to date.

PHP Version updates should be dealt with caution. The latest PHP versions may not be stable with the WordPress version you are using or the plugins that are on your site so make sure you take a backup of your website before changing your PHP version.

The hosting plan you choose for your website is also very important, many of the top-tier hosting services give additional protection to safeguard their hosting servers from hackers. Managed WordPress services that are specifically geared towards running WordPress websites are recommended.

How WordPress Security Plugins Help

Your website’s security deteriorates with time. A WordPress security plugin will close any gaps or loopholes in your website’s defense, making it hard for hackers to get access. Because security is more adaptive, it may take some time to resolve a problem and make it more secure. Security evolves with time, and so do these plugins. Security isn’t something you put up and then forget about. It is always evolving.

The security plugins have a variety of functionality, including website scanning and web application firewalls. WordPress security plugins can be free or paid monthly, however premium versions are typically seen to be worth the recurring investment in order to prevent the consequences of an attack.

There is no ideal security solution, but there are methods to increase your level of protection while reducing the effect on your site. Is a WordPress security plugin required to accomplish this? It all depends on what you’re attempting to do. Dependable, well-designed security plugins will actually protect your site from intruders.


Choosing whether or not to use a WordPress security plugin is an important choice for your website. Finally, you must pick which path to pursue and how much control you desire over your website’s security. They are easy to install and can add security to your site quickly with a few clicks. Like adding 2FA, limiting login attempts, blocking IPs, and many more.

They may also scan for viruses on a regular basis and serve as your website’s anti-virus software. You may configure these plugins to scan your website in the background and provide you with reports. Everything is automated, saving you time.¬† Some of the top-tier security plugins are: iThemes Security Pro, Sucuri Security, and WordFence.

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