What is Pingback in WordPress?

What is a pingback?


Pingback is the ability to notify other bloggers that you have written about their blog. If they too implement pingbacks, then your article will appear on their site as well with the name of your site under it.

Pingbacks are an easy way for people to promote each other’s sites by giving them credit for what they’ve written.

You can turn off pingbacks in your WordPress settings if you choose not to use this feature. This would be useful if you are receiving hundreds or thousands of requests daily and having trouble moderating comments on your own site.   


Does pingback help in SEO?


It is said to do so, but digital marketers say it is not reliable.

When you link another website, make sure it’s because you like their content and you actually want people to go there. Pingbacks are not links that pass Penguin or Panda value, so if your site gets penalized for other links that should have no effect on it.

Just use good judgment about choosing who you link to. The first time I realized how little weight pingbacks have was when someone wrote a blog post about how they wanted thousands of pingbacks from as many random people as possible so they could rank number one in Google for their chosen keywords. I don’t even think it worked out the way they planned!   

How does WordPress pingback work?


When you write a new blog post or page, WordPress automatically notifies other blogs that you’ve linked to them. You can turn this setting off if you prefer by unchecking the box at the bottom of the settings page.   

What is the WordPress pingback limit


If your site gets thousands of pingbacks every day, it’s best to turn them off completely so you don’t overwhelm your site with pingbacks and comments that may be spammy or just not relevant.

WordPress says that sending too many pingbacks might result in “spam-flagging.” This means that your website will start seeing more spam filtering than usual because its activity has triggered an increase in suspicious activity (i.e., over-pinging).    

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