The Ultimate WordPress Theme Review

X WordPress theme review.


Picking the perfect WordPress theme is difficult. I mean there are just so many options that you get drowned in unlimited tabs when searching for a new WordPress theme. Imagine the possibility of buying one theme and customizing it to look like whatever you want when you need a new theme. That possibility has been imagined and made possible by Themeco, developers of the excellent The X – The Ultimate WordPress Theme.


In its first week of release, The X WordPress theme became one of the Top 10 Products on Themeforest and Themeco became the fastest company to attain Elite Author Status in Envato’s history


The X Theme is truly a spectacular theme. Even with all i’s features the theme remains simple and yet classy. You can use it to build blogs, portfolio sites, photography sites, product sites, business websites, ecommerce stores or anything else for that matter.


x wordpress theme review


Taking it to the next level


WordPress is known to create some incredibly high quality templates and they have proved their worth once again with the newly launched ‘X’ theme. The developers of the theme have seriously put a lot of thought in making this theme.


They have incorporated 30 live demos giving all the users ideas about what they can do with the theme. You can virtually achieve anything with the help of the theme. By using all the newly integrated features you can take your website to a whole new level. There are just so many themes and each of them tells a new story.


The X factor

The theme comes with an array of new features such as modules, plugins and others. Here is an insight on some of them:


  • Styling– you can literally choose any look or layout that you want. You can also design the layout as per your wishes.
  • Mobile Responsive – The theme is mobile responsive and works in all tablets and phones. Be it a small screen or a large one, it looks great on all.
  • Shortcodes – There are around 40 shortcodes which helps you to custom make your website
  • Search Engine Optimization – The theme uses the semantic HTML5 elements and other things to make sure your website attains higher ranking on popular search engines.
  • Thumbnail sizing – It automatically resizes all the featured images on your website accordingly to your theme.
  • Slider Revolution – comes with slides revolution plugin
  • Sidebars – there are unlimited sidebars which you can set either on the left or right site of the page
  • Social Sharing – the theme is integrated with the social sharing feature, which helps in sharing information easily and seamlessly on social networking websites.
  • Typography – it comes with more than 600 Google fonts. There are numerous other features also such as colors, letter spacing, adjust sizes, capitalization and more.
  • Page templates – There are countless page templates available. This in turns makes your website more flexible and easy to handle.
  • Custom Background – one of the best features of the website is that you can set unique background on each page.
  • Site layout – you can either choose full width layout or boxed layout
  • Woocommerce Integration – with just a click you can easily turn the WordPress theme into eCommerce storefront and that too without any additional cost. F you want you can you use the different Woo Commerce plug-in. However, for users who do not want this feature can choose not to use it as not using it would not have any impact of the performance of their website.
  • Experts Opinion – the developers of the theme have consulted a lot of experts before creating the theme.

Let your imagination fly high


The X WordPress theme gives shape to your dreams and thoughts. They come with unique built-in designs that are called stacks. Right now there are total 3 themes that you can choose from – (they are working on more)


  • Integrity
  • Renew
  • Icon


Each of the stacks is unique and has its own features.  If integrity stack is a fresh and modern design for business sites and other professional sites then renew stack offers a clean design and icon stack comes with minimum design. Apart from this, the developers of the theme made it possible for the users to customize the themes so that no two themes will look identical.


 The best $60 you will ever spend


Even though the premium WordPress theme comes with numerous features it is nothing but a child’s play to use it. If you are one of the many people who thinks that the theme comes with a tricky setup then you are highly mistaken. The only thing that could be a little time consuming is creating your own designs. However, this is just a little price you have to pay for this impeccable theme. You can avoid this if you are happy using one of the stacks that have been provided.


Even though the stacks are great I would personally recommend you to exploit the features of the theme and design something on your own. As far as setting up the theme is concerned there are numerous video tutorials that will walk you through the process. The time is also very moderately priced and is worth the pay. X is a breakthrough in the WordPress theme and is a winner. Over all it brings a lot on the table and is definitely a safe bet.


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