Why We Love Related Posts Pro

Related Posts Pro keeps website visitors on your site longer by serving them more of your great content in beautiful widgets. Here are the things that we love most about Related Posts Pro.

Increase Your Pageviews

Create more sales opportunities by encouraging your visitors to view more of your pages.

Improve Your Bounce Rate

Make your site more valuable in the eyes of Google by lowering your bounce rate and demonstrating higher value.

Increase Visitor Time On Site

Create more sales opportunities by giving visitors a strong reason to stay on your site longer.

Grow Your Audience

Provide your visitors with easy access to your other great pieces of content and watch your brand reputation grow like wildfire.

Ways To Set Related Posts

Related Posts Pro has numerous options available for setting related posts. Take a look at some of the options below.

Show Related Posts based on Context:

Show posts that are contextually similar based on keywords found in the title, category, tags, or any custom taxonomy.

This unique feature adds even more precision to your related posts and will allow you to find relationships beyond just traditional categories and tags.

Manual Selection

Choose specific posts that are related to the posts you choose.

If you want full control over what related posts are available or not you can manually select which posts can be excluded from eligibility.

Category, Tag, & Custom Taxonomies

Show Related Posts from the same Category, Tag, or any custom taxonomy on your site.

These are the standard ways of setting eligible related posts. Simply include or exclude related posts based on categories, tags, or custom taxonomies.

Display Your Related Posts Anywhere!

Related Posts Pro allows you to display your related posts virtually anywhere on your pages with an option for Widgets or Shortcode.


Related Posts Pro boasts huge flexibility in placement by offering Shortcode as a display option.

Use the shortcode builder in any post you like by clicking the Related Posts Pro button next to "Add Media" on your post.


Take further advantage of Related Pots Pro's flexibility by utilizing the Widget builder.

Expand each widget area to access settings and customizations to create beautiful related post widgets.

10 Amazing Layouts for Related Posts Pro!

Inline Card

Use Inline Card to create beautiful rows of featured images a long side their respective titles.

Stacked Card

Use Stacked Card to create eye catching rows of featured images on top of their respective titles.


Use Thumbnail to create an attractive column of thumbnail sized featured images along side their titles.


Use Grid to create a beautiful arrangement of featured images for your related posts.


Use Slider to create an engaging slider made up of the featured images and titles of your related posts.

Image Tiles

Use Image Tiles to create an enticing display of featured images below titles in a tile-like format.

Image Flip

Use Image Flip to create a highly engaging and dynamic display of title cards that flip over to featured images when hovered over with your mouse.

Fancy Colors

Use Fancy Colors to vibrant and highly attractive displays of your related posts.

Plain List

Use a standard list to simply show what the related posts are.

Colored Tabs

Add some flair to your standard list to make your related posts pop out.

Responsive Design

Every layout will look great on a tablet or phone.

Widget Title

Use any title just like regular widgets.

Number of Posts

Select as many popular posts to display as you want.

Custom Colors

Customize the colors for various elements in layouts.


Customize the output by using easy to target CSS

Time Range

Select from popular posts this week, this month, or this year.

Ajax Ready

For better performance, load Popular Posts asynchronously.

10 Layouts

You dream it and there’s a layout ready to use.

Post Meta Data

Show Comment Count, Category, Author, and Date.

Easy to Install

Install the plugin just as you would any other plugin.

Automatic Plugin Updates

Receive plugin updates automatically.

Amazing Support

Our plugins come with 24/7 5-star support.


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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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