Lead Source Tracker for Gravity Forms

This plugin adds advanced fields to Gravity Forms that collect campaign and device data and attaches the data to form entries.

Lead Source Tracker is a Gravity Forms Campaign Fields Add-On

The plugin can be configured to track first touch or last touch attribution and the campaign query string parameters are customizable. The plugin currently supports:
Google Analytics UTM Parameters
UTM parameters are specific text strings that you can append to URLs that allow you track those URLs when they get clicked on.
Google AdWords (GCLID and MatchType)
Get better data and valuable insight on how your ads performing.
Device Information (browser, OS, device type)
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Marin (KWID and Creative ID)
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Google Analytics Client ID
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Take a look under the hood of Lead Source Tracker for Gravity Forms

I use a few of these types of plugins on different sites. This one is different in how it is used, at first I preferred the type where each page can have its own insert. After using this one for a few months I really prefer this approach. Choosing pages to omit is so easy to do and all pages and posts affected can easily be changed in a few moments. I am changing all of my sites to this one. Who wants a hard life? This one is so easy.

Steven O. McKenzie

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