Author Photos

Author Photos allows you to upload user avatars and display it with a shortcode.


Take a peek under the hood of Author Photos

Why We Love Author Photos

We built WP Background Takeover so you could make more money with your website.

Upload Author Photos

WordPress does not allow you to add an author avatar by default. Install Author Photo to enable users to add their own avatars.

Show Author Avatar

Display any author photo within a post or directly inside WordPress template files with flexible custom shortcodes.

Gravatar Waterfall

Author Photo automatically checks Gravatar for a user image and displays it if an author does not have a photo.

Choose Optimal Sizes

Select the size of an author photo when you want to display it.

Display Author Name & Bio

Choose to show the user’s name and bio below their photo.

Customize Display

Choose alignment, text wrapping, and even set CSS classes.


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  • Install on 1 Site
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  • 1 Year Support


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