#1 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2022

Convesio is Managed web hosting solution where the web host company manages your site, including updates and site security.


You can also take advantage of one-click installs for popular applications like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal or phpBB.


The benefits of managed WordPress Hosting Convesion:


You don’t need to worry about website hacking – Convesio’s servers are monitored 24/hours a day by experts who will stop malicious attacks before they spread and corrupt other sites on our server.


If there’s an attack in progress we’ll automatically block access from that IP address to protect others too! (Convesio committed to providing the best-managed web hosting service available.)

No more waiting around all night watching as your blog loads at the snail.

Web hosting is a very competitive market. There are tons of web hosts who offer similar features and prices, so it can be difficult to determine which one will work best for you.

Convesio web hosting offers managed WordPress hosting plans that not only make your site load faster but also handle large traffic spikes with ease.

Further, you need to ensure at least two things when choosing a web host:

  • fast bandwidth connections
  • web hosting companies located close to users (geographic distribution)

Convesio web hosting has around the globe to ensure latency is low and speed for web browsing.

They are distributed between North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.

Convesio Servers are around the Globe

These web servers help us provide customers with a fast website experience as close to them as possible in their region’s timezone.

They have already taken care of web hosting speeds, but it’s also vital to choose web hosts with fast servers located all around the world. You can’t control web hosting server location or web host bandwidth speed, but Convesio hosting providers are front-runners in delivering ultra-fast web connections wherever you go. Our network caches your web pages locally so that visitors see your site nearly instantly!

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However, most web hosts are engineered to support common website applications like Magento, Drupal, etc without any special considerations towards speed or optimal configuration. Worst case scenario – web hosts have been known to even include bloatware and malware.

Managed Web Hosting Convesio Speed and Stabality

Google page speed insights, you can get your website’s load time score and compare it to other sites. convesio web hosting offers webmasters a variety of optimizations that improve the site speed such as caching system, server-side optimization, or page redirects from third-party domains which help them to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERP)

Optimize for mobile devices: more than 50% of searches are coming from smartphones so optimizing websites for mobiles is essential to rank better on SERP.

Not only best practices for web hosting configuration but also provide feedback and guidance to webmasters in their own Convesio console. Every webmaster can quickly adapt to custom settings or make use of our expert web hosting support team if needed.

Convesio was designed from the ground up for speed, security, and stability! We’ve worked tirelessly to improve web page response times compared to other hosting solutions by allowing you to find the optimal balance between hardware specifications and available bandwidth:

Speed is a key factor in SEO ranking, which makes your site more attractive and responsive to visitors. Not only that web pages load much faster – server-side algorithms help optimize all images on each page to activate touch-friendly interface controls like carousels, lightboxes, etc without any extra mobile web development effort.

Conversion web hosting service is faster than other hosting solutions: we offer a more powerful web infrastructure with advanced web servers that are able to process web page requests up to 3x faster compared to competing web hosts!

They use the fastest networks and data centers available in the market, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Using best practice web hosting technologies like Nginx-php7, HHVM and Varnish, we’ve been able to improve website response times by up to 600%.


In order not to lose revenue or credibility, convesio offers a solution that is a replica running on another haproxy container to avoid downtimes and preserve organic search engine rank positions.

Convesio claims having expertise in creating WordPress custom plugins, as well as hosting thousands of WordPress blogs and forums all over the world without going offline even for a second since 2004.

WordPress conformance:

High Availability Hosting Plans conversion includes HTTPS support by default so visitors can access your site securely over encrypted connections from any web browser. Mobile visitors can access your site from mobile devices, while desktop users get a faster experience with convesio’s industry-leading hosting infrastructure.

Convesio uses high availability containers to distribute incoming traffics to multiple identical instances of WordPress. The traffic is balanced by convesio using the proxy load balancer, and if any instance fails convesio will automatically take it offline and create a new copy in less than 2 minutes to avoid downtimes and preserve organic search engine rank positions.

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Fastest Caching System

WordPress front-end web serving is delivered through a custom-made caching layer in the load balancer. This web cache system was built from the ground up and purpose-designed for high concurrency and high capacity (more than 100,000 requests per second). It’s based on an advanced distributed caching algorithm operating in memory and disk space, with 5 layers of caching:

This web server is tuned for speed, with hard drive caches out of RAM to minimize seek time. We also support various web accelerator plugins such as W3 Total Cache (which uses Varnish), WP Super Cache (uses mod_rewrite), or Quick Cache (which uses APC), automatically configuring them to use our web cache systems when appropriate.

Roughly half of the web requests end up with a web cache hit (meaning they were served at web server speed and didn’t need to be regenerated), and in most cases, web cache misses can be served from the WordPress database, which is also tuned for speed. The result: fast web serving even in high traffic conditions.

The caching is done by two basic but highly efficient implementations, APC for PHP scripts, and Varnish for cached HTML pages. The web cache system automatically detects which pieces are being accessed so it doesn’t have to regenerate them over and over again.

This results in significant performance gains compared to other hosting providers who basically serve the same page every time without considering your visitors’ browser history.

If you change web contents or web templates, it’s also much faster to upload the website since only changed pages need to be uploaded (the web cache is updated in real-time), while with other hosting providers all pages are regenerated every time your website receives a request.

Customer requests are automatically handled by two web servers running in our data center. If one web server gets busy, more web servers are activated behind the scenes; if one web server crashes, another one activates automatically to take its place. The system is designed for 99%+ availability and automatic failover.

Clustered Database

One of the most important things on a web host is web hosting reliability.

Not only do you need to know that your website will be up and running at all times, but you also need to ensure it is backed up, so if data loss does occur, it can be restored with minimal downtime.

When using a web host that has clustered databases, you can have peace of mind that your website’s MySQL databases are being backed up continuously without any manual effort from yourself as well as being hosted on redundant hardware as part of an active/active configuration which ensures no single point of failure even during hardware failures (see High Availability ).

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When you use web hosts like Convesio , which offers clustered database support WordPress, the web host automatically backs up your website’s databases across all servers in the cluster.

This takes place every 24 hours (which can be adjusted to less frequently if required), meaning that if anything were to happen to your website, it would be extremely easy for Convesio staff to restore your website’s complete database(s) from scratch within minutes, restoring your web site back to its previous state with zero data loss.

Your web host should take these precautions without needing any input or effort on your behalf, but remember that you are responsible for backing up your own web content via FTP/SFTP prior to performing a database restoration by yourself just in case the web host is otherwise occupied when you need them most!

Application Monitoring

The web app monitor uses a “heartbeat” system to check your site’s status every 5 minutes. Incidents will be sent whenever the web app monitor detects a problem with your site or fails to receive a successful response from WordPress. You can select whether or not to send daily and weekly incident reports as well as specify which e-mails should receive those reports.

Self Healing in Convesio

Some web containers have this built-in already, but not all of them so I will show you how you can implement a self-healing web host regardless of which web container you are using by modifying the source code yourself.

In order for us to monitor our web container self-diagnostics, our web container must have a way of checking on itself from time to time to see if it’s alive or dead… just like web containers do when they are checking on websites to see if it’s online or offline.

Let’s write a small web application that can tell us if our web container is alive. To accomplish this, we will make web requests to the web container every few seconds and expect to get a 200 response back.

If we don’t get a 200 response back in 6 seconds, then our web container is down for some reason. Now, let’s go ahead and try making web requests to this web container from both localhost AND an externally accessible server just so our web container has all possible ways of connecting to itself.

Auto Scaling

Auto-scaling is a feature many web hosts provide and is great for keeping your website up and running by adding more web servers to handle extra traffic if needed.

Conversio host websites with automatic load balancing, meaning our platform will automatically deploy multiple containers to handle the load if your website gets hammered with traffic.

Version Backups

Every web developer needs Git-style versioned backups for their websites – it’s the only reliable way to keep a website safe from all sorts of disasters that can happen in web hosting! Unfortunately, most web hosts don’t offer this feature.

Security Monitoring

That’s one of the services provided by CloudConverter.net, a web hosting company that specializes in self-hosted WordPress websites and security. In this day and age where security breaches are becoming more common, having a web host who can keep you safe should be an integral part of your decision when choosing a web host.

In order to achieve security from outside attacks, the staff has various security measures in place on their infrastructure to ensure that they remain protected.

These include security scanners at various points throughout the network; both daily active scanning for threats (like rogue plugins) as well as 24/7 passive security monitoring anomalies like brute force login attempts.

The security team maintains security by hiring security experts with experience in wordpress security monitoring, secure web portals, and security blogs. This gives them a good insight into the latest security threats, how to avoid them, and what’s required for prevention.

  • Domain name and DNS issues
  • Hacking and malware
  • Code errors
  • DDoS attacks
  • Plugin and theme updates
  • Website seciruty and SSL issues
  • Cloudflare configurations
  • Convesio’s containers are hosted on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, but also intend to collaborate with providers like Digital Ocean in the future.
Price $50 per month $100 per month $150 per month $350 per month
WordPressInstalls  Single  Single  Single  Multiple
Traffic 10000 visits  50000 visits  150000 visits  Customizable
Memory  512 MB 1 GB 2 GB Customizable
CPU One vCPU/ single thread Two vCPU/ single thread Four vCPU/ single thread Customizable

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How to get started with Convesio Dashboard?

Convesio dashboard I’m gonna spend a few minutes to give you a quick walkthrough of all the features and functionality so, you can setup up your first site very quickly with managed WordPress Hosting Convesio so, first things first let’s create your new site by clicking new site. 

Creating your New WordPress instance in Convesio dashboard:

Creating a new site in convesio dashboard

You’re gonna select the appropriate PHP version the appropriate WordPress version and you also get to choose your data center location so, we have data centers in the United States the UK, and Australia for this demo over it is going to stay with the United States there are going to click deploy. 

creating new WordPress instances

The job console window will come up first things first it’s gonna kick provision some space on the database cluster for your WordPress installation. And then it’s going to build the file system. 

creating new WordPress instance

This entire process takes between 30 seconds and 60 seconds just depending on how busy the clusters the time. But it shouldn’t take very long at all. As you can see are still building the file system starting the deployment now this is actually deploying WordPress on your container. 

After that are just waiting for the container to come online we shouldn’t take too much longer. 46 seconds right now so you can see it took 46 seconds and this is the temp U. R. L. for your new WordPress installation. 

new WordPress instance in Convesio Managed WordPress hosting


So the next step is yours click this link right here



it’ll go to a WordPress install screen the database credentials have already been included so you don’t worry about that you simply soft site title username and password just like you originally installed WordPress and once that’s installed you can come back to your dashboard here. 

For the rest of this demo, we’re gonna use this WordPress installation already been installed. We’re going to manage the site dashboard. 

site dashboard in convesio managed WordPress hosting
site dashboard in convesio managed WordPress hosting

And the next really large bit of information is going to be in the domains. 

Adding Primary Domain Names

So you’re going to want to sign a primary domain so your.com address for example and you’re going to want to play the A. records of the route and the W. W. W. if you don’t have that pointed out the route record to this load balancer eyepiece you get to load balancers per WordPress site that creates the high availability solution and once you have that point where you’re going to click add domain. 

creating new domain names
creating new domain names
doamins addon in Convesio manged web hosting
domains addon in Convesio managed web hosting

It includes the domain name there you’ll need input to the domain name twice if you have the W. W. W. version and the non-W. W. W. version you will have accessible confessio but in this example, we just have a. 

So you know that there. 

And you can see that this is already the primary domain if we wanted to make it. 

The temp you are all the primary routes clicks on primary C. house which is there. And you also get a notification up in your top right. 

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Configuring SSL certificate

So once you have your primary domain assigned and you made your primary you’ll want to go to security. 

And you want to create an SSL certificate so this one already has an SSL certificate we can delete it for this permission otherwise. 

Add SSL certificate to convesio hosting dashboard
Add SSL certificate to convesio hosting dashboard

Yes add an SSL certificate and get let’s encrypt SSL. 

Then you’ll just click the button next to the domain that you want to generate the SSL to agree to the terms and click continue. 

And as always we have another console one of that pops up giving you the status of the job. 

Yes, certificates generally don’t take very long this is very important that you have the DNS pointed at confessio prior to doing this or it’s going to fail. And as you can see up there that’s a cell state for the domain. 

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And it is completed and you can see it also. 

encrypting SSL in convesio hosting
encrypting SSL in convesio hosting

Convesio Backups

Populates down here. The next thing you’re going to want to do is actually go to backups. 

Thank you for your backups as well as you can see there are already 2 snapshots taken on this but you can configure backups to create the backup automation. 

You want to enable backups. And we give you S. schedule that’s already deployed so the daily is every one day Scott for 15 days and every month it takes a snapshot keeps figure 65 days you can change that there’s a lot of different ways you can change that so I would encourage you to look at that and decide what’s best for your site. 

And the last thing you want to show you very quickly here is the SFTP access for the site so if you go to settings SFTP. 

SFTP access convesio web hosting
SFTP access convesio web hosting
convesio web hosting backups
convesio web hosting backups

These are your SFTP credentials for the site you can use those immediately they are merely provisions any also enable and disable SFTP access for security. 

convesio web hosting cache
convesio web hosting cache

And one last thing is a caching mechanism you can enable caching on the site that catches your website at the edge of our load balancers so nothing would hit your container you can change the default TTL and also create exceptional roles and personal cash down here.

Can’t Understand How to Do it? Watch this video and follow all these steps:

Convesio managed WordPress hosting setup

Best of all?

You get all of these performance gains for free when using Convesio .

Not only do we make WordPress hosting easy – but we also make it fast and stable at no extra charge! That’s why webmasters love web hosting with Convesio – fast web servers, easy website management, and great support!

Every web host claims to keep your data secure, but how can you be sure? Our team of developers spent years fine-tuning our web hosting configuration, especially for WordPress.

We’ve included the latest security technologies like web application firewalls (WAF), built-in malware protection, and web application security features that block exploits before they even reach your site.

Webmasters often comment that our web infrastructure is lighter than other web hosts while maintaining an optimal balance between server speed and advanced security measures.

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Wrapping Up

No web hosting costs mean Convesio web hosting is perfect for webmasters, web designers, web developers or any other type of website owner.

You can scale WordPress in 3 clicks with no server admins required. And best of all it’s completely free to try!

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