Impreza WordPress Theme Review

The Impreza theme for WordPress is one of the highly-rated as well as highly sold themes on ThemeForest, Envato’s theme marketplace. This is perhaps because it is the quite a functional and visually appealing theme.

To be more specific, it is a game-changer for most businesses who have been looking forward to a way of creating a beautiful website without hiring a developer. 

This perhaps justifies why the theme has over 4700 buyers. With so much high popularity, it is worth digging out each nook and corner of this theme for finding out if it is worth all the attention and hype.

Like all other recently released WordPress themes, Impreza offers many features.

Of all the features in its functional and attractive portfolio, the two most stunning ones are fully responsive and retina ready.

This indicates that all WordPress blogs and sites having the Impreza appearance are bound to appear stunning on any screen of any Internet-enabled device, ranging right from big HD-displays to smartphones.

Buy Impreza Theme From Envato

Apart from that, customization is extremely easy, after activating the theme, you get an option to import theme options and another option to import dummy data, this would replicate a similar look to the one found on the theme’s review page.

Let us take a tour of its most important features to decide how powerful the theme is!

Impreza Layout and Structure

If you go through the live preview, you will find the theme to be highly engaging. It features high-resolution graphics without cluttering, an issue with several WordPress themes.

The visual elements are positioned well to keep clogging at bay and yet offer enough space for displaying full information.

The overall appearance is neat and is poised to offer an engaging user experience. The landing page’s slider is also impressive due to its extensiveness and detailed highlighting of visual elements along with textual information without any clutter.


impreza wordpress theme review
impreza wordpress theme review

With over 600 fonts, 20 predefined skins, 470 icons, 4 header layouts, and unlimited color combinations, this theme is highly customizable for making a unique site in no time. This is perhaps the most comprehensive combo on offer.

Although you can choose your layouts, colors, and styling, the beginners with little or no experience can get started with one of the 10 available color styles.

Impreza WordPress theme scores a 10/10 score for customization, it comes packed with the popular drag and drop Visual composer plugin, which you can use to further extend the design of a new site through Impreza.

Flexible Installation to Flexible Animations

impreza installation
impreza installation

You can install Impreza in two ways: Through the theme upload function and through FTP. Regardless of which you choose. Further, flexibility is experienced in many ways; in terms of customization and modifiable options.

There are even advanced portfolio options for generating custom databases for variety products as well as appealing animation tools for making content more interactive. With the former, you can create a great company portfolio. It can be easily inferred that flexibility is one area where this theme stands out completely from the other similar themes.

Built in Drag ‘n’ Drop Visual Composer

The drag n drop editor is a breeze to use but in Impreza, it gets highly functional and customized. This is because it comes with the Visual Composer plugin without you paying anything extra for it. This means you can now create unlimited number of layouts, as you can see what you will get on a page in real time, while you are designing.

Visual Composer can be a bit powerful for creating a small blog. In that case, you can use the theme’s shortcode generator that allows selecting the required block and enter the desired options.

WooCommerce Ready

This is another cool feature! With full support to WooCommerce, there is no need to struggle with WooCommerce styling for making it fit to your site. Impreza automatically applies all styles according to the preferred design.

You can even integrate transaction mechanisms, if needed. In short, you can easily put up your own online store and start selling the desired products or services in no time.

Vivid Backgrounds

 Impreza supports some useful video backgrounds through .mp4, .webm, and .ogv video formats.

It also implements horizontal parallax backgrounds as per the movement of cursor, which is even applicable on mobile screens. You can also add parallax effect to any section’s background on a page.  

 Translation Ready

Impreza is WPML optimized, which means you can work with multiple languages. The theme adopts the best translation practices as well as language files for efficient translation. From the point of view of benefits, it is easier to have a site running in native language.

Impreza Theme SEO Optimization

No WordPress theme is complete without having proper SEO semantics. Impreza takes care of this aspect, as it is built with proper HTML semantics and best practices for great interactions with several famous search engines.

 Advanced Typography and Portfolio Options

These days, having a portfolio is essential to disclose one’s abilities. You will be happy to have the Impreza Portfolio tools for building your company’s portfolio with indents, adjustable column numbers, and item ratio.

The same pleasure is felt when you explore the advanced typographical options for all textual elements


 Responsive and sharp display

  • Easy and quick configuration
  • Several advanced options
  • Unlimited design choices
  • Highly customized
  • Flexible
  • Great user support and updates
  • Affordable when compared to other themes


 Hardly any, if we have to find one it will be a logo issue discovered when reviewing the theme, for some reason, you have to upload a logo file, you cannot select an already uploaded logo.

Why Should I Pay for Impreza

Conclusively, paying for Impreza is cost effective although it might seem to be a bit higher than the price of other themes. Just think in this manner: Reduce almost $30 that you do not pay for licensing as well as $19 for slider Revolution. Keeping in mind all features and flexibility offered, Impreza is certainly a bargain.

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