How Long Does it take to Learn WordPress?

According to a study by current year search trends, the average person needs 40 hours of WordPress training for one week’s worth of work.  

This number has been increasing each year since this survey was conducted. It is unknown whether or not that trend will continue as WordPress becomes more and more popular.  

Does wordpress require coding knowledge?

No. WordPress is a very user-friendly CMS that does not require coding knowledge in order to operate it.

Many of the most popular plugins are also developed with the average user in mind, meaning that they are simple enough for most people to use without any issues.

What kind of businesses benefit from using WordPress?

Many small business owners are able to build their own websites using this platform, which is perfect if they do not have an IT team on staff or cannot afford one at all.

Even large companies have taken advantage of its ease of use and created custom functionalities for their own needs. Some of the most notable ones include Twitter, Sony, Disney, Tesla Motors and even the White House.

Will I have help learning?

Yes, if you are just getting started with WordPress there are many free resources that you can use to your advantage. You can read books on how to start a blog if you wish, or just follow along with some YouTube tutorials .

If you find yourself often stuck on certain topics though there are also professional dedicated training websites that will teach beginners step by step for a small fee.

Is it cost-effective to purchase individual plugins or themes?

This really depends on what your needs are as well as how much time you want to put into running the website. In some cases, it may work out more cost-effective compared to purchasing a full package deal from a company or developer.

However, there are also those rare times where this will be the exact opposite and you might end up spending even more money than if you just let a professional take care of everything for you in the first place.            

Will I have access to input content into my website directly?

Yes, WordPress is open-source software that gives users unlimited freedom when it comes to writing their own code and modifying themes and plugins. Many people use this platform so they can completely control their site without having any restrictions from other groups or companies. It is also free to use, so you do not have to worry about running into any monthly fees.

Is it worth the time to learn ?

This question really depends on what your end goal is for using WordPress. If you are just looking to create a personal blog then maybe this isn’t the best option for you since there are other platforms that require less effort while still providing similar results (such as Tumblr).

However, if you want more freedom and control over your website, or if you plan on building anything more complex than an average “static” site, then WordPress might be worth it in the long run.            

What do I need to install the platform?

WordPress is an open-source software which means you will need a web server in order to run it.

This can be very simple if you are only planning on hosting one small website, but larger more complex sites might require additional hardware or more space for storage. You may also want to invest in some backup measures, since security is always important with these types of programs due to their popularity. 

How many people are using WordPress?

According to W3Techs, more than 45% of all websites use WordPress as their content management system .

This percentage has been steadily growing for a decade now, and there is no sign of it slowing down. In fact, WordPress even powers more than 60 million websites on its own !

This number may eventually reach as high as 30% of all sites online since many big companies have already adapted it as their CMS, which helps to spread the word on how useful this platform can be.    

What are some additional benefits ?

One good thing about using WordPress is that you only need one program to run everything. If your company decides they want a new web page or content added on later there isn’t a whole lot you will need to do in order to make that happen.

The same goes for when you want to add in a new plugin or theme since it only takes a few minutes. Additionally, all websites that use this platform are secure and updated regularly, meaning your site will be safe from malware and various other threats.       

What would happen if I delete my account?

In most cases, it should be impossible to “delete” your WordPress account. You will simply need to stop using the service or manually remove any content you have posted.

Unfortunately, everything is stored on their servers so there is no way of making sure every trace of your data has been deleted completely. It might even show up on public search engines for years to come.


There are plenty of good reasons you should consider using WordPress as your website’s content management system. Whether it is for a personal blog or large company, the platform will likely meet all of your needs without issue. Do keep in mind that there are other options available if this one isn’t quite what you are looking for, but you will have to spend some time trying them out before making up your mind. For now, though, it seems like WordPress still has a lot left to offer anyone interested in putting their site online!    

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