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Make sure to have a look at our Getting Started guide if you have not already.

About Popup Fire

The Popup Fire plugin for WordPress allows you to add a highly customizable and targeted popup to any page of your website.

All Popups


This window will give you a quick preview of your Popup Fire popups including status, name, impressions, conversion rate, start date, and end date.  Also, from the All Popups section you can turn a specific Popup ON or OFF, edit, delete, preview, or A/B test it. At the top of the screen you can add a new popup.

Add New


This is where you can create a new popup and set all the options and styling. Add New is broken into 4 tabs: Template, Contents, Display Conditions, and Style.



You can display a variety of custom popup layouts, choose colors & fonts, and set text & images. Popup Fire’s options allow you to create text & link, image, yes/no, social follow, newsletter signup, custom html and a collection of other layouts that we continually add to.

Never know what your popup should look like? We’ve got you covered with beautiful default images and compelling content so you can convert visitors out-of-the-box.



  • Edit template heading
  • Edit template message
  • Edit template footer
  • Depending on your template, you can set a number of other fields
    • Button Text
    • Link URL
    • Link Target
    • Nofollow Link
    • Newsletter Platform
    • Image
    • Video
    • Custom HTML
    • Social Links




  • Start and End date of the popup
  • Triggers: Timed, Scroll, and Exit Intent
  • Cache Delay



  • Sitewide
  • Post
  • Page
  • Category
  • Tag
  • Attachment
  • Archive
  • Custom Post Types



  • User Visibility – show to everyone, registered user, specific user roles, or non-users
  • Domain Referrer – show to users visiting from specific websites



  • Run popups on mobile devices




  • Color
  • Link Color
  • Font Size
  • Font Weight
  • Google Fonts for both headings and paragraphs



  • Color
  • Texture
  • Rounded Corner



  • Button Color
  • Font Color

Custom CSS


There are dozens of different options to choose from that can make your Popup Fire popups truly unique without an unnecessary bulk of options.

Our goal was to create a simple and intuitive interface for you to choose options and setup your popups and achieve your goals as soon as possible.

All Popup Fire Stats


This window lets you see how well your popups are performing.

Specific Popup Fire Stats



You can also see the stats for individual Popup Fire popups. There is even an export button that will export your stats as a CSV file so you can analyze and send out reports on your own.

A/B Testing


You can’t test the effectiveness of your popups without data! Popup Fire will automatically detect when users have clicked on your popup and track the number of conversions so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Want to test a minor change in content or a new image? Popup Fire has built-in A/B testing that easily implements the two popups, tracks their conversions, and compares the data for you.



Besides collecting emails via your newsletter service you can also collect emails into your WordPress site and export the data whenever you want to your desired newsletter service or for other uses.  The emails collected will always be there even if you delete your Popup.



This section lets you view the information captured from the contact form.  For example, here you can see the date, which Popup the form was completed on, the email of the visitor, subject of the visitor’s message, and the message itself.

Change Log

The changelog is a history of updates and changes to the plugin. It will document the features and fixes we've made to the plugin in the newest release so you can prepare when you update. Please backup your site before updating any plugin, theme, or WordPress.

= 3.3.0 = 2020-05-16
* UPDATED: Callback URL for licensing
* UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.4.1

= 3.2.4 = 2019-11-23
* FIXED: Timezone incompatibility
* UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.3

= 3.2.3 = 2019-09-18
* FIXED: Success & Error messages not showing on email submission.
* UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.2.3

= 3.2.2 = 2016-9-5
* FIXED: Cleaned up warning messages

= 3.2.1 = 2015-12-2
* FIXED: Sometimes the dropdown for exclude posts did not populate correctly with posts with sites that had a large number of posts

= 3.2.0 = 2015-9-23
* ADDED: Import / Export functionality
* FIXED: Newsletter input fields were not the right width in certain scenarios

= 3.1.2 = 2015-8-19
* FIXED: WP_List_Table shows a Show more detail below all row actions in WordPress 4.3

= 3.1.1 = 2015-7-31
* ADDED: Popup text now accepts HTML and shortcodes
* ADDED: Popup footer now accepts shortcodes
* ADDED: Popup dashboard page now shows each Popup id
* IMPROVED: A/B Testing picks popups in a more controlled manner

= 3.1.0 = 2015-7-22
* ADDED: Contact Form!
* ADDED: You can now change the placeholder text in the Newsletter form
* ADDED: InfusionSoft newsletter integration
* ADDED: MyMail newsletter integration
* ADDED: Active Campaign newsletter integration
* UPDATED: New dashboard style
* FIXED: Including stylesheets and scripts on SSL webpages
* FIXED: Popover and modal styling for some admin panels

= 3.0.3 = 2015-7-10
* UPDATED: Close button styling

= 3.0.2 = 2015-7-9
* UPDATED: Newsletter styling and removed default image from popup
* FIXED: Background Image now loads correct sized image
* FIXED: Including stylesheets and scripts on SSL webpages
* FIXED: Popover and modal styling for some admin panels

= 3.0.1 = 2015-7-3
* FIXED: Icon Picker popover did not have proper styling

= 3.0.0 = 2015-7-1
* ADDED: Software Licensing integration. If you previously bought this plugin from Code Canyon, please email us directly at support@99robots.com with your purchase code and we will send you a new license key. You will not receive future updates of this plugin without a valid license key.

= 2.2.2 = 2015-5-22
* ADDED: Control MailChimp opt-in, single or double

= 2.2.1 = 2015-5-15
* FIXED: Close button was not positioned correctly when viewing popup in FireFox

= 2.2.0 = 2015-5-8
* ADDED: Exclude posts, pages or any other custom post type from displaying a popup
* UPDATED: Close button moved to the left side of the popup
* FIXED: Popup contents not visible on smaller height screens

= 2.1.6 = 2015-4-21
* FIXED: List template

= 2.1.5 = 2015-4-15
* FIXED: The way files were being included

= 2.1.4 = 2015-4-13
* FIXED: Internal Zend Error, for users with older versions of PHP

= 2.1.3 = 2015-4-6
* ADDED: Change Newsletter Subscribe button text
* ADDED: New success action for newsletter. This gives the user the ability to choose whether a user is shown a success message or redirected after success signup.

= 2.1.2 = 2015-3-30
* ADDED: Display On Front Page

= 2.1.1= 2015-3-20
* ADDED: Turn weekly emails on and off
* FIXED: Loading Aweber lists
* FIXED: Showing delete popup modal

= 2.1.0 = 2015-3-13
* ADDED: Support for Newsletters: Mad Mimi, Get Response, Campaign Monitor
* ADDED: Option to allow site owner to determine if a popup can be shown again after user closes out of it.
* FIXED: Saving custom Referrer domains

= 2.0.2 = 2015-3-3
* FIXED: Recording A/B Test stats
* FIXED: Adding international characters to the Heading and Text
* FIXED: List items mis-aligned

= 2.0.1 = 2015-2-26
* ADDED: Loading icon added when user submits email

= 2.0.0 = 2015-2-25
* ADDED: Popup will automatically close after a successful email signup
* ADDED: Popup will not display for users once they have already signed up to Newsletter
* UPDATED: Re-structured plugin files and folders

= 1.1.3 = 2015-2-17
* UPDATED: MailChimp Integration
* UPDATED: Aweber setup process

= 1.1.2 = 2015-2-16
* FIXED: Showing newsletter settings when Template 11 or 12 is selected
* FIXED: Showing large numbers on stats page
* FIXED: WP_List_Table::get_table_classes() function call

= 1.1.1 = 2015-2-11
* FIXED: MailChimp Signup Form
* FIXED: Text shadow
* FIXED: Yes/No Template

= 1.1.0 = 2015-2-11
* ADDED: Two new templates :)
* ADDED: Actions hooks for before and after Heading and Footer
* ADDED: Support for oEmbed
* ADDED: Default image for all popups
* ADDED: Border color
* ADDED: Footer icon
* ADDED: Subscribe button icon
* FIXED: Images not being the correct size
* FIXED: Responsive layout
* REMOVED: video.js library
* UPDATED: Cleaned up internal code

= 1.0.0 = 2015-2-9
* Initial Release :)
Doc last modified on July 28, 2015
Product last updated on May 16, 2020