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Make sure to have a look at our Getting Started guide if you have not already.

About Author Posts

Display beautiful Author Posts that showcase addition posts by your Authors.


There are a lot of different settings available for you to customize how Author Posts are displayed.

  • Number of Posts
  • Sort and Order posts
  • Author Layout
  • Show Author Biography
  • Author Avatar size and shape
  • Post Layout
  • Colors
  • Display Asynchronously for faster page loads

There are 10 different Post Layouts that you can display, you can see what these layouts look like at our demo site.

  • List
  • List with Excerpt
  • Thumbnail
  • Numbered List
  • Image Tiles
  • Image Flip
  • Grid
  • Slider
  • Fancy Colors
  • Colored Tabs

Featured Author

The Featured Author widget is great for showcasing a specific author on your site.  This widget will show all on all pages.


Author Posts

The Author Posts widget will only show on single posts or pages and displays the current author’s other posts.  This is fantastic for keeping viewers on your site because it guides them to read more from their favorite author.


Shortcode Builder


All settings configured in either of the widgets can also be configured in our shortcode builder.  This is a great way for you to add Author Posts to any part of your site.


Change Log

The changelog is a history of updates and changes to the plugin. It will document the features and fixes we've made to the plugin in the newest release so you can prepare when you update. Please backup your site before updating any plugin, theme, or WordPress.

= 1.3.0 = 2020-05-16
* UPDATED: Callback URL for licensing
* UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.4.1

= 1.2.3 = 2019-11-23
* FIXED: Timezone incompatibility
* UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.3

= 1.2.2 = 2015-12-2
* FIXED: When displaying all posts by an author we cap the number of posts displayed at 50 to keep the page load time at a minimum

= 1.2.1 = 2015-11-13
* FIXED: Limited the number of authors retrieved from database to prevent memory error
* IMPROVED: Changed the default order value from ascending to descending

= 1.2.0 = 2015-11-12
* ADDED: Show on Pages option to hide or show widgets on pages
* FIXED: At times two widget titles would display
* IMPROVED: Widget settings organization

= 1.1.0 = 2015-10-9
* FIXED: Title was not displaying properly in the shortcode output
* FIXED: Shortcode styling override sometimes did not work

= 1.0.0 = 2015-9-18
* Initial release :)
Doc last modified on September 18, 2015
Product last updated on May 16, 2020