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About Ads In Posts

Ads In Posts is a beautiful way to add Ads into your WordPress posts or any other custom post type.



The dashboard page is where you will be able to see all of your Ads that you have created.  You can active and deactivate certain Ads from this page as well as these other actions.

  • Preview
  • Duplicate
  • Delete
  • View Stats

Content Types

With Ads in Posts you will be able to add different types of Ads to your site including, Self Hosted Ads, Third Party Ads and Button Link.

The Self Hosted Ad type is an image that you specify from your WordPress media library.  This means that all your Ads will be served from your site and you will be able to control their sizes.

The Third Party Ad type allows you to add in script from a third party ad service to your site.  You can input any HTML you want and Ads In Posts will run the code, but since we are unable to control the actions of the HTML code we do not track conversions for Ads of this type.

The Button Link type is simply a button link within your content so you can redirect your users with some text rather than an image.  You can specify the button color and text.



Ads In Posts comes with a lot of settings to create very specific and targeting Ads.  There are four main parts of the settings page.

  • Date Range
  • Display Conditions
  • Ad Options

The date range will allow your to only show an Ad during certain days.  You can just create the Ads and set it to only display for the next week and after that it will automatically not show without you having to deactivate it.

The display conditions settings are very powerful and they allow you to show an Ad anywhere on your WordPress site. Ads in Posts hooks into custom post type and taxonomies so that you can have the most control over where the Ad is shown.  Also, if there are certain post or pages that you want to never show an Ad then you can simply exclude just those specific posts without affecting your other settings.  There are also more conditions you can set like whether or not the viewer is a user on your site or what domain they came from and even showing on a mobile or desktop only.

The Ad Options section give you the ability to chose where within a post your Ad will show as well as adding tracking code that runs whenever this Ad is shown.



Ads are very useful for a site owner and they become even more powerful when you use the built in stats tracker.  All impressions and conversions of your Ads are tracked so that you can see what Ads are performing the best as well as pricing out self hosted ads at the correct price based on number of impressions. Ads In Posts stats are more accurate than most stats trackers since it does not count views from admins on your site, so you can be sure that your impression and conversion counts are accurate.  In addition impressions are only tracked if the viewer actually scrolls to your Ad.  So if you have an Ad at the bottom of your page and the viewer never actually scrolls down that far to see it, then no impressions will be tracked.