26 Best SaaS Tools For Start-Ups

Best SaaS Tools for Startups as of ( 2022)

I think that you are searching for best saas tools for startups. Here’s the list below that might come in handy for you.

1. Trello  

I love to use Trello as a project management tool. It is very handy and can be used by startups to track activities over time.

2. Snagit  

Snag it is a utility tool for creating professional web content or visual marketing. I guess it would be helpful for startup marketers who need to make quick screenshots of their websites/apps…etc

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage tools out there that are free for personal use, but if you want more space then you have two options: either buy an expensive plan or refer people to get extra 500 MB per person. If your startup needs extra space in the cloud then drop box may be the best saas tool for your startup.

4. Evernote  

Evernote is my most favourite best saas tool for startups. I love this tool because it organizes your notes, saving web pages and images to a searchable database.

5. Slack

Recently slack become very popular among startups . It supports instant messaging, file sharing and other amazing functionalities that makes communication between geographically distributed teams easy & fast…etc

6. Basecamp

One of the best project management tools out there , base camp can help you get organize , communicate and collaborate with all team members from anywhere at any time…etc

7. Google Sheets

Although excel has been used by almost every business , but using google sheets will make life much easier . You can store data in an interactive format , share with anyone and everyone can edit it .

8. Google Fonts  

I guess you haven’t heard about google fonts yet , but if your startup needs typography on their website/app, then this is the best saas tool for entrepreneurs to use.

9. Zapier

If you are using different web applications like trello, base camp , evernote …etc then zapier wil be helpful for your team because it can create connection between these tools without any hassle.

10. Grammarly

Grammarly is a chrome extension that helps you write mistake free content across the web including popular services like Facebook & Gmail . It provides instant grammar checking while you write…etc

11. SCRUM for Trello

I like the idea of using scrum methodology in trello . It is really helpful for startups to get quick actionable items on daily, weekly and monthly basis…etc

12. Google Calendar  

One of the best calendar tools out there that can help you plan your day better with events, reminders & more…

13. Wrike  

If your team needs an efficient way to collaborate with each other on projects , wrike may be the perfect solution because it combines task management, real-time collaboration and strong project controls right into one easy-to-use dashboard so no one misses a beat …etc

14. Sessions

Sessions can be used to coordinate activities of different teams for specific project and time period. It is very helpful for startups who need to bring all their team members together on one platform at a same time.

15. Passkit

Pass kit is a secure file sharing tool that allow users to send signed packages from one user to another in matter of click, Pass kit can be an amazing saas solution for your startup if you are looking forward to share sensitive documents with employees …etc

16. MailChimp

Mail chimp is a great email marketing tool that can be used to send newsletters, sales promotions and any other updates to your customers. It provides different templates & automation options for startups who want to promote their brand…etc

17. Desk  

Desk comes with amazing support from Zendesk because both these tools have been built from ground up for customer support . Desk has a clean interface , track performance of every team member in real time …etc

18. AppFigures

Appfigures is one of the best saas tools for entrepreneurs who need to know how many people download their apps daily…etc

19. Asana  

One of the best task management tools out there that allow users to communicate effectively within a team and stay organized . It has a clean interface , drag & drop functionality and more…etc

20. Kahoot

Kahoot is the best gamification platform that can be used to engage employees, students or participants for any type of learning process…etc

21. Doodle

Doodle is the simplest online scheduler tool out there that let users create events with different time options within minutes . It can be controlled from anywhere using email , mobile phone …etc

22. Over

Over is both design and writing tool that provide amazing content templates for startups who want to promote their brand …etc

23. Typeform

One of the most beautiful forms on the web with friendly for all types of users including designers , developers and people who don’t know how to code …etc

24. Waggl  

Waggl is another gamification platform that can be used by startups for e learning process…etc

25. Hootsuite

If your startup need to manage social media profiles then hootsuite is the best platform to go with . It has a clean interface and can be controlled from anywhere using mobile phones, tablets…etc

26. GateGuru

Gate Guru is the perfect saas tool for entrepreneurs who need to travel often and face problem in finding restaurants, hotels etc …etc


All the tools listed here are great for startups allowing them to save money and boost productivity . The best part about using these tools is that they help you focus on your startup idea only , leave the technical stuff to professionals…etc. If your favorite saas tools are not in here then let us know in the comment box.

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