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    Manolo Macchetta

    Hello, I love your plugin,
    I ve small suggestion about User Experience of the signup form…
    the thins is. i Select “Redirect to another page” so after someone join the newsletter get an upfront offer.

    when Someone add his data and click join
    1) the spinning whell start loading (as expected)
    2)then it stops,
    3)you need to wait a couple of sec before getting the redirect.

    from the few tests i did some people are puzzled when the spinning wheel stops and nothing happens. some click again….
    is it possible to have the spinning thing going on also on point 2 (during the time the page is “computing” the redirection”)?


    Hello Manolo,

    Thanks for your feedback, I will send your suggestion to the developer team for a potential future update.

    The spinning currently stops spinning indicating the user has been subscribed successfully to the list, but you’re right, it should also indicate it’s still loading the next page.

    Manolo Macchetta


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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