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    I bought this plugin because it looked like the best pop up plugin – loved the split testing and analysis features AND the pricepoint. Can’t beat it!

    I have a couple major issues:
    1. The design isn’t responsive from top to bottom. As in, if I have someone on a 13″ macbook air viewing my website and the pop up comes up, my optin box ends up BELOW the visible area. Usually you’d be able to scroll down to see it and then enter your email address and submit it. But with this plugin, I’m not able to scroll down, it’s just not visible. It only scrolls the page behind the popup. I’m hoping this can get fixed! I haven’t checked it on mobile yet.

    2. I am forced to use the HTML only popup because you only have integration with a few email providers not including Infusionsoft, Active Campaign or Ontraport. This is fine but it does create a very limited experience. Still not a problem becuase I’m a developer and can create whatever I want using HTML/CSS.

    Please let me know if #1 has any possibility of being fixed soon (or if there’s a setting I missed changing?)



    Hey, I’m actually noticing a couple more things as I use it that I’d love feedback on:
    3. (continuing my count from my first post) Mobile is not responsive, seems like I might need to create a specific pop up for mobile if I wanted one, but there’s no option to show ONLY on mobile.

    4. No option to exclude certain pages from the pop up showing up. An example I’ve seen of this is the “next” page. As in, if someone opts in via the pop up, then are taken to a page – that page should not have the pop up again. We can fix this by not showing the pop up due to caching. But I’ve seen this in plugins where it won’t show again for up to a specific number of days once someone has opted in. This would be a really cool feature.

    Any plans to add this type of functionality in?


    5. Conversions don’t seem to work with HTML version. DAMN! Do conversions only work when you integrate with the email systems you have?


    Hello Matt,

    Welcome to the community :)

    Thanks for the purchase and for the compliment. I see you have a lot of feedback for us and we love it, but for now lets focus on the bug you mentioned in your number 1.

    You are 100% correct that there seems to be a bug with users not being able to scroll to see a very large popup on a smaller screen. The team will have a look at this and get back to you by tomorrow.


    Conversions are calculated server side after a successful signup to a Newsletter form through AJAX. That is why you are not seeing any conversions.

    Also, conversions for a custom HTMl type are when a user clicks on any link in the Popup. This is why you are not seeing any conversions in the Popups.

    To come back to the responsive issue, can you send us a link to a test Popup that shows how the Popup breaks on a smaller screen? This will help us see exactly what you mean and how we can fix it.

    P.S. You have a lot of great feedback and we appreciate it a lot :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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