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    After many tests on two sites, on two different wordpress versions, two different wp themes, two different hostings:

    1. Options => Related Posts Pro => Query Conditions => Order By :
    option “based on most views/Views count” is missing, please add it

    2. Shortcode Builder “Related Posts Pro” => Order By :
    option “based on most views/Views count” is missing, please add it

    3. Appearance => Widgets => Related Posts Pro Widget:
    Row “Order By” is missing, please add it

    4. If choose “Image Title” layout, option “Background Color” is missing,
    please add it in Shortcode button options and Layout Options in Oprions

    5. If choose “Stacked Card” layout and Number of Columns=6,
    posts column number 6 are not shown – blank column, fix this pls

    6. Number of posts parameter in shortcode is not fixed in v. 1.04,
    not working when multiple instances of related posts were displayed on a page:
    if choose Number of posts parameter=6 in Related Posts Pro => Layout,
    but Number of posts parameter=5 in Shortcode Builder => you will see 6 posts, not 5 !?
    The same bug applies to widget Please fix them.

    7. In Shortcode Builder “Title:” option is missing, please add it.
    In your Changelog, for ver. 1.0.4 you wrote “FIXED: Shortcode title is now much easier to target via CSS”,
    but where is “Title:” option in Shortcode Builder window??

    8. In Widget options is missing parameter “Related By” to choose between Tags, Category, Contextual !
    Please add it, it is very importannt!

    9. Is it posible Stacked card layout, used in widget to display cards in more than 1 column?
    If yes, not worked

    10. In widget, if “Display Asynchronously” is not checked, below widget title is shown message:
    Warning: json_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /home/……/public_html/……/wp-

    content/plugins/codecanyon-11560496-wp-related-posts-pro/widget.php on line 1097
    what means that bug?

    11. What are differences between Inline Card and Thimbnail layouts, used in widget?

    12. What exactly means “Display Asynchronously”, please explain algoritm

    Please, let me know when this bugs will be fixed? As soon az possible :)
    I love this plugin, please fix all this bugs to enjoy :)


    Hello bjdbjd,

    Welcome to the community and thanks for the feedback :)

    1) The Order By option is the default wordpress setting for ordering posts. We use a dropdown to select all possible Order By parameters. We see that there is currently no description so we have added one to make the setting more clear.

    2) We fixed this the same as number 1.

    3) All widget settings are only related to the appearance of the posts. All query settings are used from the global query conditions on the settings page.

    4) Fixed :)

    5) I just tested this and I saw a stayed error, which I just fixed. If you still see this problem after the update please let me know.

    6) Since we cache all data to make the load times faster it is best to try and clear the cache after you add in the shortcode. The cache is automatically cleared each time you save the global settings but it is not cleared when you add shortcode. So please try to manually clear the cache by hitting the Clear Cache button next to the Save Changes button on the global settings page. If this problem still persists please let me know.

    7) Fixed :)

    8) As I described in the number 3, the widget setting is only used to alter how the related posts are displayed. All query conditions are set via the global settings or shortcode builder.

    9) Fixed :)

    10) Fixed :)

    11) When the Inline Card is used in the widget zone it looks very similar to the thumbnail, but when used as shortcode it displays in a 2 column format.

    12) Display Asynchronously means that all the data for displaying related posts is retrieved independently from the page load. This inherently speeds up your page load times since your site does not have to wait for the data to load. It will load independently and only show the related posts after all the data has been retrieved. This is the recommended way to show all your related posts since it has the least affect on your page load time.

    Thanks so much for your feedback we really appreciate it :)

    We will be submitting an update to Code Canyon today and you will be able to update your plugin soon. As always if you find more bugs please let us know.


    Great Support ! Thank you !
    I can not update to ver. 1.0.5 ! Download .zip via download section in my profile and install it, but still ver. 1.0.4 :) Tried to update to ver. 1.0.5 via WP admin , but see only message “updating” and notimg, updating process can not finish!


    That is very strange, what type of hosting are you using? Sometimes your hosting provider, like WP Engine for example, will modify your files permissions when you upload content via FTP.

    If the file has modified permissions it sometimes will not complete the update process.

    I have double checked and I am able to update to 1.0.5 via the WordPress plugins screen just fine on at least two separate WordPress installs.


    Great Support ! Thank you !

    However, i updated to ver. 1.0.5 – via wp admin and tested ver. 1.0.5

    About my list of bugs – results of my test:

    1. Ok, but let see in your product presentation/Item Details on page http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-related-posts-pro/11560496 – in section “Related Posts Pro Features” you can find:
    “Show related posts based on most views or most comments” – right? :)
    As costumer I have read this and decided to buy your plugin, because this options is very useful and important for me! Is

    it possible to at it ? Please :)

    2. Is it possible to at it ? Please :)

    3. Ok, but however is it possible to add it in widget?

    4. Great :)

    5. Great :)

    6. Seems to be ok :)

    7. Great :)

    8. Is it possible to at it ? Please :)

    9. Great :)

    10. Sorry, not fixed. Still In widget, if “Display Asynchronously” is not checked, below widget title is shown message:
    “Warning: json_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /home/klipchet/public_html/proben.me/wp-content/plugins/wp-post-relate-pro/widget.php on line 1102” – same file, but another line, now in line 1102

    Can you add some new features in your plugin, as described:

    11. Add new, 11-th Layout, something like hybrid of “Stacked Cards” with Number of Columns=1 and “Plain List” :

    – Title for related posts list /with possibility “Shortcode title is now much easier to target via CSS”/
    – first/top post – as image, square image, /if not possible square, at a pinch rectangular/,
    title of this to be placed WITHIN image, bottom of image, Text Color of title = White
    – remaining post of post list – like “Plain List” with possibility for Theme Style Override: Background Color, Text Color

    Also with all other options that are available now in Shortcode Builder

    12. In Shortcode Builder /at least for new, 11-th Layout, “Thumbnail” Layout, one column “Stacked Cards” Layout, “Plain List” Layout/ to add new features that allow me to:

    – align related posts list to left or to right of post content
    – related posts list to be wrapped with text and with specific width /may be must be set manually in code/

    Features 11. and 12. are very useful and very important for me ! :) If is not possible to add them in Shortcode Builder window, can you explain and help me to make them manually in code in some files?


    We will have a look at number 10 today and will get back to you with an answered by later today or tomorrow :)


    Sorry we did not get back to you yesterday :(

    We were unable to allocate the proper resources to fix the bug, but we will able to fix it today :)


    So you are saying that the actual posts being displayed are different when using display async versus not?

    I will have the team look into this tomorrow (2015-6-8).


    Yes, buy that was in ver. 1.0.5
    In ver. 1.0.6 seems ok :)


    Great :)

    If you have any more questions please let us know.


    Check your email please


    We received your email and will respond shortly :)


    I found another bug, please check your email


    Please post all bugs as new topics in the support forum. This way other users can see what the issue was and how we went about fixing it.

    Thanks :)


    Ok, I will post all new bugs as new topics, but read my email to you pls :)


    Great we will await your response and yes we saw your email and we will respond to that as well :)

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