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    Andrew Vesey

    Version Info
    Content Resharer Pro v3.2.3 on WordPress v4.5.2
    PHP v5.4.33

    I have a number of posts (both ‘standard’ posts and custom post types) which I have selected to exclude from all sharing. But unfortunately they keep getting shared. For some reason they are not being excluded.

    I have tested on my live site and also my staging site (staging site had no additional plugins active and standard 2015 theme.

    Andrew Vesey

    Have just now sent you a support request via email regarding this


    Hey Andrew,

    I need more information to know how to replicate the issue.

    What steps are you taking to exclude posts?

    Andrew Vesey

    I go to the ‘Exclude Posts’ tab
    I start typing the name of the post, then select it from the auto-complete list
    Then hit ‘Save’ once done

    Screenshot of ‘Exclude Posts’ tab
    (note: this is from the live site, so yes, there are a bunch of other plugins active on it, but we know they’re not affecting it from the staging site tests)

    Thanks for taking a look at this

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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