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    Hi there,

    I have most of your plugins. I am currently using Popup Fire on my homepage as well as on my “thank you page”.

    I currently have both popups NOT showing on mobile because I’m seeing some formatting “issues” when using the custom html.

    1) Nothing major but, for example, on my Samsung A3 phone the popup shows a scroll bar when in portrait and landscape modes. I can scroll up and down the actual popup but it doesn’t re-size the popup like I would like…ie so no scroll bars appear.

    Is that because the text inside may become unreadable? My custom html contents is really just text, css, a few divs, no images or anything.

    2) I don’t really want to mess with the code due to future plugin updates but can you suggest anything, maybe using media@ queries in the custom CSS section? I guess I could try that and see if it works. Would it?

    3) Also, I’ve got it set to “exit intent” and the popup shows whether I move my mouse to the right, bottom or top of my screen in Chrome and shows when I move it top or bottom in Firefox. Is there a reason the popup appears when my cursor is moved to the left, right, or bottom?

    I have the message starting “Wait…before you go” but if the visitors mouse is only at the bottom of the screen, that “before you go” message might not make sense. Maybe I should change that tagline but wondered why it pops up when the cursor is at the bottom or right of the screen?

    4) Finally, and this may be a silly question but, exit intent wouldn’t work on a mobile right? I tried to activate it on my phone and couldn’t. So, “exit intent” won’t work for mobile, or if it does, how does the popup get triggered?

    My main quest for help is dealing with the sizing issue and no scroll bars on the popup if you can help




    Sounds great :)

    We are always here so please let us know if you have any other questions. You can also post a private reply in this forum if you want to talk privately or just email us at support@99robots.com


    Hi again (Kyle, right?)

    Just had another quick question if that’s OK. Feel free to create a new thread with my questions if you feel the need. :)

    OK, so one thing I love about the plugin is the domain referrer aspect. I plan to do some Facebook marketing very soon. I’ve advertised with FB before but it’s been over a year and I believe you still need to have an FB Page to associate with your ads.

    So, I created a page and all I need to do now is set up my ads. I will be sending folks to my website, not my page though!

    I’d like to give people who click my FB ads a “special FB discount”, so my questions are:

    1) Since the idea is to send traffic from my FB ads to my domain, will popup fire still recognize the clicks as coming from FB therefore showing the custom FB popup?

    So, if my popup said “Thanks for visiting us from Facebook. Here’s your special Facebook discount code for today only – Use Code: FB10”, or whatever, will the domain referrer aspect work if people click my FB ads as opposed to a link on my FB page? Does that make sense?

    2) Silly question but should I just post a link in my Facebook page and click it to test the domain referral works? Should I clear cookies because I’ve been on both my website and FB or do cookies not matter?

    3) I think you mentioned on Code Canyon to another customer but am I right in assuming you can’t have more than one popup on the same page? For example, could I have a separate popup message on my website’s homepage for:

    a) Referral, google, SERP, natural traffic
    b) FB traffic
    c) Twitter traffic

    Is that possible?

    Thanks again



    Hello again :)

    1) The domain referrer works by checking if one of the domain your entered into the referrer domain setting matches where the user came from. I am not 100% aware how Facebook redirects from Ads but if they use the same domain then it appears to not be possible to distinguish between normal Facebook referrer traffic and Facebook Ad traffic. One the other hand if Facebook uses a different domain for its Ad redirects then you can easily separate normal traffic from Ad traffic.

    2) You must add the domain not the URL. For example here is the twitter domain t.co. This is different then a twitter URL. So you must found out what the Facebook Ad domain is first.

    3) You can have different popups eligible to display on a page based on certain credentials but only one can show up at a time. You can view this by going to our demo site and and viewing the referrer domain trigger. As you can see no popup shows until you click the twitter link.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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