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    Filmycurry pvt ltd

    hi ,
    i just bought your plugin. My website – http://www.filmycurry.com. its in the sidebar of the posts.

    If i uncheck ‘display asynchronously’, all my post pages refuse to even load. just blank page comes.

    Also, what i want to know is how many views does it take for the plugin to start showing links/posts. cause its been 24 hours and its not showing any link.thanks

    Ps- sorry for posting it in an old post earlier.



    Sounds like a memory issue, could you add this code to your wp-config.php file in the begining after <?php line

    // increase memory limit
    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M');

    Let me know if that helps.

    If the widget is still not showing any data, go to Settings > Popular Post Pro and change Exclude Views From to “admins” or “no one”.

    Filmycurry pvt ltd

    yes this works perfectly fine now . Thanks.

    I just have 2 imp questions –

    •Please let me know, what is the image dimensions its calling? I am using ’tile images’ format. I don’t seem to have that thumbnail, so its calling the original full size featured image and then just showing resized dimensions, causing high weight and loading time.
    •how do I remove the color hue, that comes on entire images. This vanishes on hover, but I want no such color before also. Pls note – Bg color behind headline is ok, not on entire image. Pls see attached images.

    thanks a lot

    b regards


    When you use the layouts Image Tiles, Masonry or Slider it will use the original image size, but if you use Thumbnail or Grid instead it will use the 150×150 thumbnail size from WordPress.

    About the color effect, you can remove it by adding this CSS code:

    body .nnr-pp-image-tile-item img {
    Filmycurry pvt ltd

    Thanks Francisco.
    and code for –

  • removing the color background below the text also (in image tiles)
  • make the text of titles, non-bold
  • .

    Sorry, for botheration :-).

    But would it be great if image tiles, masonry loaded thumbnail/medium size images as that will speeden up loading times.
    thanks once again


No bother at all, always happy to help

This CSS code will remove the text background color and make the font thiner:

.nnr-pp-image-tiles .nnr-pp-title 
{   background:none !important;
    font-weight:100 !important;
Filmycurry pvt ltd

Thanks Francisco. All done

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