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    AvatarPaola Pizzano

    I have the same problem as others in the forum: my background isn’t clickable.
    I installed Night Club Theme of Gorilla Theme https://www.gorillathemes.com/nightclub/ but when I activate a skin this is not clickable as you can see here http://www.discoticket.it/
    Can you help me?
    Thank you very much

    AvatarJay Gajjar

    Hello Paola

    Custom Backgrounds is a theme feature in WordPress which allows theme developers to enable support for background color and image customization. If custom backgrounds support is enabled in a theme, then the users can upload their own background images to use with the theme, or select a background color. It is NOT a feature of our plugin.

    This can be generated by the theme OR by a plugin –

    Testing for Plugin & Theme Conflict:

    ​We recommend that you perform this test on your staging site and that you backup your site.  If you do not have a staging site then you might not be able to perform this test as deactivating plugins or your theme will greatly impact the look and functionality of your site.

    Before you perform this test please make sure you have the latest version of our productWordPress and PHP.

    1. Deactivate all other plugins on your site besides our plugin
    2. Test to see if the plugins features work as you would expect.  If they do work then you have a plugin conflict.  You should now activate each plugin on your site one by one until our plugin’s features do not work.  This will help you determine what plugin exactly is causing the conflict.
    3. If our product still is not functioning properly, then you can try to deactivate your theme to see if there is a theme conflict.  This is a last resort and should only be done if you have a staging site or your site has not gone live yet.  If our product works after deactivating your theme then you have a theme conflicts, but if our product still does not work then it appears that our product has a bug.
    4. If you have completed all of these tests and our product does not function properly with a default WordPress theme like twenty twelve and all plugins deactivated, then it seems that our product has a bug and we will continue to work with you to solve this issue.

    If there are no conflicts – Please go with the following steps:

    Step 1:

    Please refer to the attached document to know more about Custom Backgrounds and How to remove/disable it.


    Code Insight:

    Remove / Disable Custom Backgrounds:


    Step 2:

    If the above step doesn’t work, you can try the following:

    Please open your theme’s functions.php file and add the following line of code:

    remove_theme_support( ‘custom-background’ );

    The functions.php file can be found in wp-content > themes > ActiveTheme > functions.php.


    Step 3:

    Lastly, if both of the above methods do not work,

    Please contact your theme author’s support desk, and ask them how to disable the custom-background feature. Unfortunately, the theme should have created in a way that disabling theme_support for the custom-background should truly disable the theme’s built-in functionality.

    Once that is done, the plugin will work without any other adjustments. We’ve already tested this on a clean install and it works fine. As evidence, you can also try the plugin on another site using a different theme, and you’ll see it works perfectly.

    Please let us know if we can assist you further today, and please keep us updated on the status of this ticket
    Thank you,

    AvatarPaola Pizzano

    Sorry if I answer so late but I’ve been sick.
    I have done all the tests you have indicated to me.
    If you activate a basic theme, the link on the background works, even if all the plugins are active.
    But if I reactivate my theme, it conflicts and it does not work anymore,
    I tried to comment in the file function the statement
    // add_theme_support (‘custom-background’);
    and add the instruction at the bottom of the file
    remove_theme_support (‘custom-background’);
    But the link does not work. Can you help me?

    AvatarJay Gajjar

    Hello Paolo – It seems, that the conflict lies with the theme you are currently using. Also we see that the custom background is still active.

    Therefore we recommend you ask the theme developers if there is a way to turn off / deactivate the custom background feature in the theme.

    You can submit a support request here:

    Contact Us

    Please keep us updated on the status of the ticket,

    Thank you,

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