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    Jaroslav Volný

    I installed ads in posts plugin and after setting some ads from adsense it seems that doesnt work. I added shortcodes anywhere on sites (header, widget, in posts) and nothing happend.
    Please could you help me?

    Jaroslav Volný

    Could you please help me? Your support isnt very good…


    Hello Jaroslav,

    Can you please provide a snippet from your Adsense ads?

    To help troubleshoot, could you try this:

    1. Create a new Third Party Ad
    2. Set the Third Party Ad Code to <h1>This is generated by Ads In Posts</h1>
    3. Under AD Options section, set the same settings as the previous ads you added and are not working

    After doing this, please let me know if you can see the following text on your posts:

    This is generated by Ads In Posts

    Thank you

    Jaroslav Volný


    I followed your instruction and text does not show.
    Its really strange, because have untick displaying Powered by Ads In Posts but one of the ad shows that text.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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